Digital Engagement: Inspiring the Youth Through Communication

Robi Kate Miranda
3 min readDec 17, 2023


How can the youth make a difference in today’s world using digital tools?

On December 9th, I had the privilege of speaking at “Mencari Inspirasi,” a program by Mencari Kreatif designed to inspire and develop the soft skills of young people.

I was given the opportunity to discuss a topic very close to my heart — using my passion for digital communication to engage the youth in social issues.

My presentation, titled “Ugnayan,” a Filipino term meaning “engagement,” focused on the following key points:

In the Philippines, the youth make up about one-third or 35% of the population.

The 2021 National YouthLed survey highlighted their urgent concerns, including:

  • Health crisis
  • Corruption
  • Employment challenges
  • Inflation
  • Judicial system issues
  • Livelihood and startup opportunities
  • Human rights violations
  • Violence and abuse against women and children
  • Climate change

Interestingly, this same survey revealed that nearly one in four young Filipinos are members of a social group or organization. Telenor Asia’s “Digital Lives Decoded” study, released on January 31st, points out that many Filipinos (and Indonesians, too), especially the youth, spend considerable time on social media, often more than they do in real-life interactions.

Kantar Millward Brown Philippines found that over half of Gen Z are constantly online, seeking out articles and videos. This indicates a strong appetite for information among young Filipinos.

Given this scenario, the key question arises: How can we leverage the youth’s active presence on social media to involve them in addressing social issues?

In addressing this, I shared some effective strategies implemented by youth-centric organizations I’ve been involved with, including:

  • Creating engaging static content like posters, infographics, comics, and memes.
  • Producing dynamic content such as short videos for platforms like TikTok or Instagram.
  • Organizing online events like concerts and open mic competitions to showcase local talent and artists.
  • Implementing gamification methods such as quizzes and polls, offering both monetary and non-monetary incentives.
  • Conducting social media competitions to tap into their competitive nature and social media skills.
  • Blending online platforms with offline support to widen awareness, connect youth with stakeholders, and reach those with limited internet access.

As a digital communicator focused on social impact, I believe effective communication is key. Here are some tips I also shared:

  1. It’s important to know our audience. Tailoring our message for specific groups, such as using Gen Z vernacular for a Gen Z audience, is essential.
  2. It’s also important to create materials and organize events with the mindset that ‘done’ is better than perfect. This approach allows us to understand how our target audience perceives our efforts.
  3. Lastly, the willingness to adapt and improve based on feedback is critical.

Ultimately, raising awareness among our fellow youth through diverse content and storytelling is just the beginning. Our goal is to involve and mobilize them to actively support the causes they believe in and foster radical collaboration with others. By doing so, we can collectively move forward and make a meaningful impact.

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