Fail to Succeed

Robi Kate Miranda
2 min readAug 22, 2021


When we were in school, we were told to avoid committing mistakes but is this really what we need to succeed in life?

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I’ve been anxious for the past few days because of a couple of errors I’ve accidentally made at work. What I’ve done was honest mistakes but as a person who puts a premium on work ethics, I felt really terrible to the point of thinking of quitting (again).

Although the company is still in the process of improving its system and processes, I just can’t help but think that those flaws were a reflection of my character.

While assessing my feelings and situation, I grabbed a book that I’ve been eyeing to start reading ever since I bought it last June 2021. Reading a few pages of Trump and Kiyosaki’s book entitled “Midas Touch” made me realize that in schools and universities, we were taught not to make any errors. What they’ve considered the ‘smartest people' are those who make the fewest mistakes. But in the reality of life, we learn the most through the faults and mistakes we (or other people) make. This helped change my mindset.

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On a side note, this does not mean that we should always aim to make mistakes. What we should do is to try as many times as we can. Because out of those hundreds, thousands, or even millions of trials, there will surely be few ideas and attempts that will emerge victorious, just like what happened to Thomas A. Edison. 😉Remember that every time you try is another chance to succeed in your work, career, or life.

As Robert Kiyosaki said, mistakes are important because when we fail, we have the opportunity to discover and develop our emotional maturity and improve our strength of character.”

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If you’re someone like me who is so afraid of failures and committing mistakes, I dare you to start creating, make mistakes, reflect, and try again. This tough world is not for the faint-hearted. Let’s go out of our comfort zone and go beyond what’s expected of us. ♡



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