From Math Problems to Model UN: My Journey as a Beginner

Robi Kate Miranda
3 min readMay 14, 2023


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Have you ever had that feeling of being a complete beginner? That feeling of clueless, anxious, yet excited about what may happen. I've experienced that multiple times in my life. From the first time I tried to comprehend the first Algebra problem in my Mathematics textbook, to the first day of our Swimming class in High School, to the first time singing in a Church choir, played the piano, did calligraphy, and a lot more. These memories are still vivid in my mind.

In my more than two decades of existence here on Earth, I realized it'd been a while since I started something "completely new." That's why, just last May 13–14, I tried getting out of my comfort zone and beginning doing something new — attending an international Model United Nations (MUN). I actually represented Argentina 🇦🇷 for the UN Women's Committee in ensuring gender equality by alleviating discrimination against women.

You might be curious why I did this particular activity! Here are the reasons:

  • I've always wanted to participate in this program since I was in college. In fact, I even almost joined a university organization for MUN.
  • I want to learn how the United Nations' parliamentary procedures work.
  • I want to enhance my critical thinking and public speaking skills.

Last but not least, a work proposal pushed me to give it a shot (finally! 😂) as we want to educate Filipino youth about parliamentary and legislative procedures.

The first day of the event brought so much anxiety to me as I didn't know anyone. Although I read and tried my best to familiarize myself with the study guide provided by the organizers, it's a different one when it's the actual event already. Fortunately, I became more comfortable during the second day as I familiarized myself already with some "points" and how caucuses work. One challenging thing is about the Draft Resolution, but good thing that I became part of the alliance that warmly welcomed first-timers like me. My teammates were very considerate and supportive.

Overall, it was a great opportunity and an eye-opening experience for me. I knew I could not give my best yet, but I hope to perform better next time. Hopefully, this will not be the last MUN I will attend.

As they say, baby steps are essential. I was clueless and anxious but became more confident after participating in this event. I was a beginner, and I'm still a beginner. I know I will learn more; these are the first steps yet.

This experience reminded me that being a beginner (once again) is not a weakness but rather an opportunity to learn and grow.

Just a bonus! I was awarded the "Best Position Paper" out of over 80 delegates on the committee.



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