In the Solitude of Waiting


Photo by Jeffrey Czum

What if I whispered that all will find its way in time?
What if I assured you, that every detail falls into place, line by line?

Just breathe, let the moment unfold,
In the quiet of waiting, let your heart behold.

Can you glimpse the universe’s dance, its intricate design?
Would you still hesitate, doubting the grand design?

See how your path aligns with a celestial decree,
Are you ready to trust, to let it be?

For what you seek, you shall receive,
If it’s written in the stars, you’ll surely achieve.

So rest, dear soul, in the embrace of time,
Trust in the journey, let your spirit climb.

Surrender to the flow, release your grip,
For what’s meant for you, will never slip.




Robi Kate Miranda

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