Life Lessons from Our Favorite Sitcom Characters

Robi Kate Miranda
3 min readJun 15, 2024


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Just recently, I read a quote that says, “Things happen not to you, but for you.” I realized how powerful and impactful this shift in wording is. Instead of viewing ourselves as passive recipients of everything that happens to us, this perspective wants us to see that we have a more active role to play as things happen for us.

Of course, we’re not required to figure out immediately why certain things happen for us. It’s similar to watching our favorite TV shows where the characters face challenges. We don’t expect them to understand everything right away; instead, we wait for things to unfold.

Do you remember when Ted Mosby of “How I Met Your Mother” initially struggled with his career as an architect and then later transitioned to becoming a professor? Or when Monica Geller of “FRIENDS” bounced between jobs as a chef, from being fired at a high-end restaurant to working at a 50s-themed diner, before finally becoming head chef at a respected restaurant? What about Penny from “The Big Bang Theory” who pursued her dream of becoming an actress while working as a waitress, faced numerous rejections, and eventually became a pharmaceutical sales representative? Or maybe David Rose of “Schitt’s Creek,” who went from a life of luxury to managing a small-town general store, learning business skills from the ground up, and eventually launching his own branded products?

For these characters, we don’t expect them to resolve their challenges in just one episode; sometimes it may take a few episodes or even a few seasons. Have you noticed that before?

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Just like in these shows, we often struggle with complex situations that don’t have quick resolutions. We may face career setbacks, relationship difficulties, or personal struggles that take time to work through. The beauty of it is that, just as we eagerly anticipate how our favorite sitcom characters will overcome their obstacles, we can approach our own challenges with the same patience and curiosity. This allows us to see that our journey, much like a well-written TV series, is about growth and development over time. It’s not about instant solutions but rather about the process of learning, adapting, and eventually succeeding.

And just as we feel satisfaction when a character finally achieves their long-term goal after several seasons, we too can experience deep fulfillment when we look back and realize how far we’ve come. As they say, “malayo pa, pero malayo na.”

The same applies to our lives. Understanding comes little by little. Yes, it may take a few months or even a few years, and this requires patience and an open mind.

As our own stories begin to unfold, we’ll start to see connections. Events that seemed random or even unfortunate at first will reveal their purpose. Eventually, we’ll surely thank the universe because we’ll realize that all these things happen for us.

Remember that everything always works out for us, often in ways we could never have imagined.



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